Consider the Benefits of Clear Image Aligners

Patient with Clear Image Aligners | Clear Braces

Actual Patient Wearing Clear Image Aligners

Average treatment time is less than with traditional braces.* A patient typically wears 4 to 6 aligners. If each aligner is worn for 3 weeks, total treatment time will be only 5 months.

Clear Image Aligners are practically invisible. The completely transparent plastic trays are so clear that no one will notice you are straightening your teeth.

Clear Image Aligners typically cost less than traditional braces.* Clear Image Aligners are typically more economical than traditional braces for mild-to-moderate tooth movement.

Clear Image Aligners are easy to use. The thin, plastic trays are comfortable, hygienic, and easily removed for cleaning.

*Note that treatment time, number of aligners and costs vary depending upon the individual needs of the patient.

The Benefits Are Clear

Clear Image Aligners Invisible Braces
  • Fast Treatment

  • Convenient

  • Easier Cleaning vs. Braces

  • Esthetic – No Braces

  • Removable

  • Affordable

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