Reward Yourself With A Better Smile

Are you a candidate for straighter teeth? Clear Image Aligners now provides a fast and affordable alternative to braces. Clear Image Aligners can be used on a wide range of patients to treat just one arch or both the upper and lower teeth.

Treatment is easy--the trays simply snap into place and are removable. Treatment for most Clear Image cases can be completed in less than 5 months, and your new smile can be maintained permanently with a custom-designed retainer.

Who's Wearing Clear Aligners?

To demonstrate the difference between clear braces and metal braces, we have taken a photo of two women with beautiful smiles. One of them is wearing her Clear Image Aligners and one of them is not.

Can you guess which one is wearing the Clear Image Aligners?

Invisible Braces

Clear Image Aligners Invisible Braces
How can I get Clear Image Aligners?

Clear Image Aligners are designed for your individual needs. First, meet with your dentist to discuss your expectations and get an evaluation. If Clear Image Aligners are right for you, the dentist will take an impression and send it to us for creation of your custom aligners.

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